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To Present

Following mailouts were released as podcasts into the Ape Reality Podcast feed.


February Simulated versus Actual, INTEL and Demoscene
January Open Resourcing, Manual Dexterity + Ad Nonsense, Ape Reality


December So Long Ape Reality?, Conversations, Collaborations
November Moon Monkeys, Noble Ape 0.683, Ape Reality
October Directions in Ocelot, Torque, Monkey Sounds
September Noble Ape 0.682, More than Fifty Podcasts, Directions
August Artificial Life is Dead: Once Upon A Time..., Show Noted, WWDC 2006 and Dr. Pedridul Malekar
July Apple/INTEL Perhaps, Ape Reality
June Biota.org Interviews and Ape Reality, Language, Brute Force, Platform Rundown
May Ape Reality, Noble Ape 0.680 and Mac OS 10.4, an Epiphany
April Noble Ape 0.680, TShirts and Bumper Stickers, Brain Traffic Control, Simian Sounds
March Planet as Simulation Space, Apple Implementation, Direction in Source
February What is Noble Ape? , Moon Monkeys, Noble Ape 0.679 / DLL
January Noble Ape 0.678, Threading and NobleMake, New Graphics - True3D, Noble Ape and ApeScript DLLs, Bi-Pod Casting


DecemberDownload Numbers, Adding Sense Whilst Removing AdSense, Genes and Tshirts, Noble Ape 0.676 - 0.677, Modular ApeScript, Decade
NovemberNoble Ape 0.673 to 0.675, Noble Ape 0.676 - work in progress, Ad Science, Scripting the iON
OctoberTravel and Errors, Noble Ape 0.672, Historical Monkey Music, On Apple
SeptemberDebugging ApeScript, Scripted Biology, Linux Testing, Average Mailout Subscriber
AugustNoble Ape 0.671, Pedro Ferreira, ApeScript
JulyCurrent Version 0.670, New Folks, Apple CHUD Source
JuneDynamic Ocelot, INTEL Mac OS, FreeEngl, Sites Down, Noble Ape Simulation 0.667b0
MayGalaxy of Monkeys, Script Documentation, Developer Mailing List, Script Beta, Building a Community
AprilScripting, the Project Formerly Known As
MarchScripting the Simulation, Source Code Tracking, Where's Darwin At?, Plan to LAN the Apes, Windows Source
FebruaryLife Cycles of the Hairy and Simulated, Threading and Page Faults, Site Hacked, Apes at Home Update
JanuaryIn Transit, Darwin at Home, Biota.org, Noble Toolbox, Updating Documentation


DecemberAnother Year of Noble Ape, Carbon Events, Altivec, Noble Warfare, Documentation, Next Year
NovemberDocumentation and Discussion, Optimising Ocelot, NYU Seminar
OctoberNoble Warfare Release, Noble Ape Genetics, Uniform Code
SeptemberVoxel Animation and the GPI, Narrative Art in Noble Ape, iON Revisited, Noble Warfare Online
AugustPlaying Noble Warfare, New GPI
JulyNoble Ape Simulation - Ocelot Version for Windows, Suspended Log, Back Tracking for Fun
JuneNoble Warfare, Content Creation, Protecting Content
MayNoble Warfare, New License, Improved Documentation
AprilNoble Ape Simulation 0.665 and 0.666, Noble Warfare, Monkey Music
MarchNoble Ape Simulation 0.665 - work in progress, Noble Warfare, Monkey Music, Mailout
FebruaryIEEE, SourceForge, Ocelot, Documentation, Ecosim, Productivity
JanuaryDual Development, Apple Distribution/Feedback, Noble Warfare, Noblemake


DecemberNoble Ape Simulation, Noble Warfare
NovemberNoble Ape Simulation 0.665 - work in progress, Noble Warfare, Webhosting, Monkey Music
OctoberNoble Ape Simulation - Apple Distribution Integration, Noble War, Documentation Reduction, Monkey Music
SeptemberNoble Ape Simulation 0.664, Weather, Development Time
AugustNew Land Format, Ocelot for Windows and Linux, Apple Distribution and Session Seen, GDCE
JulyNoble Ape Simulation 0.663, Apple Distribution and WWDC, Scripting, iOn, Planet Noble Ape
JuneSeven years and Apple, Noble Ape Simulation 0.661 and 0.662, Core User Base
MayNoble Ape 0.660 - Windows and Mac, Developer Mailing List, Documentation/Direction, Java
AprilSourceforge, Windows GPI, Noblemake, iON Development
MarchNoble Ape 0.659, Open Source Expansion, Documentation, Planet Noble Ape, Science Over Software
FebruaryNoble Ape 0.659 - work in progress, Modules and Land Mathematics, Documentation, Press Releases, Music
JanuaryNoble Ape, Re-Naming, Noble Ape 0.658, Java, Return to Calm


DecemberDocumentation, Ocelot, Generic Platform Interface, Open Source, Website, New Year
NovemberNoble Ape 0.658 - work in progress, Planet Noble Ape, Generic Platform Interface, Windows Development, Website
OctoberNoble Ape 0.657, Ocelot, Generic Platform Interface, Website
SeptemberNoble Ape 0.657 - Work In Progress, Ocelot, Planet Noble Ape, Weather, Documentation
AugustNoble Ape 0.656, Noble Ape 0.657 - Work In Progress, Ocelot, Etoy OS, Opening the Site
JulyWebsite and Log, Sashimi, Noble Ape 0.656 - Work In Progress, Future Developments
JuneNo mailout
MayNoble Ape 0.655, Preview Section, Source Log, Noble Ape 0.656 - Work In Progress, Biology on Noble Ape, Ecosim, Etoy
AprilNoble Ape 0.655 - Work In Progress, Noble Ape 0.654, Going Low Tech
MarchNoble Ape 0.653, Noble Ape 0.653b, CNet and Sourceforge, March is Documentation Month, Building Noble Ape, Noble Ape 0.654 - Work In Progress, News Lost?
FebruaryDocumentation, User Base, Tools, More Developments, a Little Monkey Music
JanuaryNoble Ape 0.652 - Work In Progress, Noble Ape 0.651, Redevelopment of the Noble Ape Project, Cognitive Simulation Redevelopment, Noble Ape's Third CD

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