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Original Manuals

Now available in a 94 page softcover book.

Noble Ape Philosophic

This document was provided in answer to many of the problems raised with the original texts associated with the development. This document is designed as a definitional manual. It is intended that this be used as a yard stick for further simulations and as a reference guide for those intending on bettering this effort. ...

History: the Simulation in Four Acts

Please consider the Noble Ape Simulation - in development - as a play of four acts. The initial Noble Ape Simulation development occurred prior to March 1997. There was a period of no development until March/April 2000 (this does not merit a section of the play). Then the Simulation was picked up and re-developed until June 2001 when I arrived in Stockholm. The third act covers the maturity of the software up to the renaming (from Nervana to Noble Ape). The final act carries on to the present day. ...

Most of the current documentation associated with Noble Ape is maintained with the source code or in the Noble Ape development blog.

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