This mailout is particularly short because I am in the middle of a development hurricane currently. I was approached a couple of weeks ago by Bryan Follis at Apple Computer to update the Noble Ape Simulation for the potential of a re-display of the technology at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2006, possibly by INTEL engineers.

Folks familar with the longterm development of the Simulation will remember that Apple first displayed the Noble Ape Simulation at WWDC 2003. This presentation stands as one of the more powerful moments in the history of the Simulation. Unfortunately the two engineers who championed the initial evangelism of the Noble Ape Simulation on Apple's hardware, Nathan Slingerland and Sanjay Patel, are no longer at Apple.

Apple's implementation of the Simulation is bundled with their CHUD toolkit. This version hasn't been substantially updated since 2003 bar the addition of INTEL related vector code first displayed at WWDC 2005. You may remember that I have been maintaining an Apple CHUD update path through either the Simulation source code or through alternative update versions through the recent Simulation development. This is memorialised in the On Apple page on the Noble Ape website;

(Now with Babelfish).

The new work for Apple relates to threading large sections of the Simulation's Core and also experiments threading components of the Simulation's graphics rendering. At the time of writing this is still an ongoing project. A light point, which I reflect on in the associated podcast, the combination of trying to maximise processor use doesn't go together with mid-Summer evening temperatures in Las Vegas. It has been long, hot work.


Although Ape Reality has only been available since the start of May, the number of subscriptions continues to grow at a double-per-month rate. Whilst the download numbers are difficult to interpret, it appears that there are roughly forty active subscribers to Ape Reality and a similar number of folks who listen to Ape Reality through Yahoo or a number of the other podcast play-from-site enterprises popping up.

The format for Ape Reality has progressively evolved to a third of all podcasts dealing with a Noble Ape specific topic, a third dealing with an artificial life specific topic and a third dealing with a broader philosophical issue. This mix seems to work in keeping general listeners interested.

If you have not yet subscribed to Ape Reality or don't understand what the interest is in podcasts, please check out the Ape Reality page;

You will be able to listen to the podcast through the Yahoo podcast page associated with Ape Reality.

Hope all is well with you all,

Tom Barbalet, 29 July 2006.

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