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Ape Reality

Ape Reality is a free 10-15 minute audio podcast relating to the Noble Ape development and the Noble Ape Simulation recorded by Noble Ape creator, Tom Barbalet.

Ape Reality covers a number of topics including artificial life meta-theory (for example, artificial life as a critique of contemporary science), maintaining an open source development (for example, working with third party companies and individuals), and the development and history of Noble Ape and the motivation behind new technology in Noble Ape.

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Any more questions, please get in contact or join the Facebook group.

Tom also records a weekly podcast, Stone Ape, with futurist linguist, Heron Stone.

Show Notes

No. 162, March 2014 Update
Tom may not be using Ape Reality as a format going forwards. Please consider subscribing to the Stone Ape podcast if you would like to get a weekly podcast containing some Noble Ape related content. Tom won't be attending the ALIFE conference this year and is feeling generally disenchanted with the artificial life community. The atomic threading is working very well now. Tom also discusses a top down graphics as a means of showing the Noble Ape environment. Will Noble Ape appear on the Mac App Store? If you want more Ape Realities please make contact with Tom. [ MP3 ] Length: 19:59

No. 161, Troop Report #2: Bob and Tom
Tom and Bob chat about a number of developments in the simulation. They then digress into a discussion about Stone Ape and Wilmslow. [ MP3 ] Length: 1:51:25

No. 160, Troop Report #1: Bob and Andy
Taking the original Ape Reality podcast to a completely new format, Tom floats the first Troop Report where users and developers of the Noble Ape Simulation can get together to discuss interesting uses and problems through the Simulation. Tom makes reference to the Stone Ape podcast (nobleape.com/stone). This initial episode Tom is joined by Bob Mottram to talk about the recent addition of QT to the Noble Ape Linux interfaces and a number of other topics. Noble Ape's resident longterm tester, Andy Ypsilon, calls in to discuss how his testing is motivated by an emotional connection and some features he would like to see in Noble Ape. It is intended that this format be used going forward and the recordings would take place roughly onces per month. [ MP3 ] Length: 2:01:44

No. 158, Musing Season [ MP3 ]

No. 157, Noble Ape Seminar at the Beacon Center, Michigan State University [July 27, 2012] [ MP3 ]

No. 156, Demo/Discussion Noble Ape at ALIFE XIII [July 19, 2012] [ MP3 ]

No. 155, Some Current Thinking [ M4V ]

No. 154, Chat with Bob Mottram for the 0.694 Release [ MP3 ]

No. 153, First Thing in the Morning [ MP3 ]

No. 152, Okay, Time for an Update [ MP3 ]

No. 151, Fifteen Years: Douglas Rushkoff [ MP3 ]
No. 150, More Musical Compositions Coming Soon!

No. 149, File Can't Handle It [ MP3 ]

No. 148, Fifteen Years: Bo Daley [ MP3 ]

No. 146, The Continued Work of Bob Mottram [ MP3 ]

   The Original Manuals of Noble Ape;


No. 145, Returning from the Field of Chaos [ MP3 ]

   Field of Chaos;


No. 144, Source Code Walk-Through: social.c with Bob Mottram [ MP3 ]

   Source Code;


No. 143, Not Dead [ MP3 ]

Classic Show Notes

No. 141, Tom Barbalet at Intel [ MP3 ]

   Slides from the talk;


No. 126 - 128,
   Source Code Walk-Through: Introduction and io.c [ MP3 ]
   Source Code Walk-Through: land.c [ MP3 ]
   Source Code Walk-Through: being.c and core.h [ MP3 ]

   Source Code;


No. 111, Post Singular at the Internet Archive in June [ MP4 Video ]

No. 109, Bruce Damer Demos Noble Ape at GreyThumb Silicon Valley in May [ MP4 Video ]

No. 100, Medley of 2007 Compositions [ MP3 ]

No. 50, Half Century Musical Musing [ MP3 ]

   Noble Ape Music;


   The Shed;


No. 42, Conversation with Mridul and Pedro [ MP3 ]

No. 40, Malek's Questions [ MP3 ]

No. 21, Animal Experiments in Love [ MP3 ]

No. 1, Early and Late History [ MP3 ]

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