Welcome to another Noble Ape Mailout. After a couple of relatively slow months, a lot of news from this past month. Without further a-do...


Nathan and Sanjay have been releasing versions of the CHUD toolkit prolifically over the Northern Hemisphere summer months. In contrast the Noble Ape Simulation: Apple Distribution has stood still since July.

Following this, I put a couple of weekends into bringing the Apple Distribution into the active Simulation source code. The logic - if there is just one source code (the active source code), then there will be constant updates with new CHUD releases.

Following the two weekends and substantial work on paper, the active source code now has the benchmark time counter (available through compilation) and runs roughly twice as fast on multi-processor Macs thanks to threading. The last and most substantial work is yet to be done. The vectorisation code in its raw form is now in being.c but the necessary linking code has not been included. The timeframe for this work is difficult to estimate because there are a number of minor tasks that need to be completed before this work can be undertaken successfully.

For those interested, the difficulty in integrating the first sections of the Apple Distribution in the active source came through Nathan and Sanjay's use of inter-layer code to link sections through the various layers of the Simulation. Whilst beening quick and dirty, it produced other problems. The code ported into the active source had to be almost entirely rewritten not to break any layer information. It was doable - it just required a bit of planning.


After years of being pitched wargames based around the Noble Ape Simulation, I have decided to release a real-time strategy game based on a large part of the technology used in the Noble Ape Simulation.

It isn't just a matter of patching the Noble Ape technology together though. The internals of the engine feature a memory management core with the game play and potential threading sitting off the fast memory management. The synopsis (currently untested) is an engine that allows tens of thousands of combatants with an initial programmable set-up + real-time command and control structure.

It's a challenging project, but the Noble Ape Simulation and tools associated support a lot of this development. The timeframe is to have a demo/alpha online early in the new year. The source code is progressing well and may make it online before the alpha. It will all be released under the Noble Ape Open Source License.


After a regular theme of increasing the documentation on the Simulation, a lot of the out of date information on the Noble Ape website is actually slowing things down. To deal with this and the substantial additional workload it brings to the site's webhosting, I have began archiving sections of the site and placing these archives online in PDF format for those interested to download and read at their leisure.

This is a progressive reduction which will take place over the next month or so, and reduce the documentation hosted in HTML on the website by about 60% or roughly 3 Mb. Although this doesn't seem like a lot, the site gets at least 120 users per day, roughly 20 of these walk through almost all the documentation. Giving visitors to the site the opportunity to download the information, may also bring them back to the site in the future. This roughly 1.75Gb/month will be taken up by hosting the documents on Sourceforge.

The reduction in hosted documentation, or more importantly moving this hosting off the site, is looking towards the additional traffic of both the IEEE article in the new year and potential additional articles on the development, but also the potential for increased traffic due to the Noble War release.


When I relaunched the Mailout in January 2002, the first mailout contained a promise to produce more music. More than any other development with Noble Ape, the production of music has fallen behind. The necessary fireworks with regards to my music production came through WeFunk Radio;

Those who have read my personal log know that WeFunk Radio has been a staple of my listening for the past eighteen months. I have been corresponding with WeFunk's front man, Professor Groove, for a month or so and through this correspondence an early tentative collaboration with WeFunk's resident MC Butta Beats;

Has formed. I am already working on a number of tracks for Butta's vocal collaboration. This should be released in the new year. Stay tuned for more news.

Hope all is well with you all,

Tom Barbalet, 28 October 2003.

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