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A Little Monkey Music

(All audio is 192k/s MP3)


Medley of 2007 Compositions [17Mb MP3]

After about seven relatively quiet years, I've set myself up with a small digital studio. The first step was getting back into composition and this audio represents a piano medley of some of the better compositions for 2007.

Steel Traffic [8Mb MP3]

This was the first digital recording track I ever made. Back in the late 1990s when I was living in the Shed, I would tinker on the piano for hours on end. This is a short recording of some of this tinkering. Not professionally rounded, but some authentic sounds from the shed.

Transistor Radio [4.9Mb MP3]

Isle of the Apes featured a track by Canberra musician, Bo Daley. When Bo was pressing a CD he asked for a track from me to return the favour. The remit for the album was humourous disco. I passed on Transitor Radio, Bo liked it. But for some reason when the album came out, the track had been dropped.

Shoot on Crowds [8.1Mb MP3]

This track was recorded in 2000 when I was in California. It features a telephone call with Alex 'Gurap' Brooks back in Australia. Political and somewhat indicative of my musical style at the time. It is intended as a satire of the Bay Area dance music. The track is finished with an old track of Helen Thomson recorded in 1999. This version is partially censored - an expletive slipped through - please do not download this, if you are easily offended.

Mind Monkeys and Purfect Beats (recorded January 1999, released June 1999)

In contrast to the first CD, Mind Monkeys was really an EP of ideas rather than a long play CD. The five tracks varied from renegade turntablism to abstract poetry over music.

Water in Creation [3.2Mb MP3]

The version here is the 1999 remix on Mind Monkeys and Purfect Beats dubbed The Shed Eviction Mix. It was the introductory track and a return to my preferred musical style. The track is introduced by Alex 'Gurap' Brooks.

Isle of the Apes (recorded 1997, released January 1998)

The first CD was my introduction to digital recording. A number of the tracks were musical satire and experimentation.

the Noble Ape March [3.9Mb MP3]

The Noble Ape March was based on a childhood lullaby. It features former-Canberra vocalist, Helen Thomson, and the ubiquitous backwards piano. 'Ask yourself are you a monkey in a simulation?'

Genetics [5Mb MP3]

Genetics was a series of polymorphic sound experiments with my voice over the top. It maintains quite a unique sound experiment sound to this day.

the Originator [4Mb MP3]

This was a remix of the end of the CD, earlier in the CD. A combination of Canberra producer, MC Turing's ''In the Contrary Room'' (used with permission), some of my polymorphic piano freestylings, a little Barbalet comical choral work and some scratching.

What I Did Over My Holidays [1.8Mb MP3]

The final track on the CD - this was a combination of piano out-takes and me rambling about the production of the album.

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