Noble Warfare

Noble Warfare is an open source simulation that creates large historical and fantasy battles and smaller skirmishes.

Noble Warfare is built on top of the Noble Ape Simulation.

Source Code - contains the basic game with a thin graphical interface and a sample battle file with the low-level 'game variables' debugging information. You will also need the Noble Ape Simulation source code.

Contact - Tom Barbalet

Barbalet's Log - 4 December 2005

I have been tinkering with Noble Warfare over the past couple of evenings. My aim is to simulation the more futile wars. The two that come to mind in particular are the English Civil War and the First World War. (More...)

Noble Ape Mailout - November 2005

... I started developing Noble Warfare for a similar reason. When I lived in the UK, I had the sense that conflict had shaped the genetic make-up of the UK. Whilst relatively peaceful over the past fifty years, the UK's heritage from pre-history to the end of the colonial empire was forged in conflict... (More...)