Noble Ape
The Central Directories of the Noble Ape Simulation.
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|o*being.cHistorically this represented the Noble Ape but moreso now it represents the Noble Ape's interface to something external. being.c also now connects to the social, brain, body and metabolim simulations through to external simulations
|o*drives.cFunctions related to biological drives
|o*episodic.cThis handles episodic memory
|o*food.cFunctions related to eating
|o*social.cThis handles social interactions and management of the social graph
|o*audio.cHandles audio output for the Noble Toolkit
|o*interpret.cThis handles the interpretation end of ApeScript (i.e. after parsing). Unlike the parsing code that should be run only once in general use, the interpretation code is run multiple times in a simulation cycle. Thus slightly more care must be taken in optimizing the interpret code
|o*io.cCovers the low level input and output relating to memory and files. In addition to memory and file handling, io has typically been a place holder for new functionality
|o*math.cThis covers vector math, the hash/random mathematics, (Newton) square root, the Bresenham's line algorithm, the bilinear interpolation and other abstract math that is used in Noble Ape
|o*network.cCovers network handling
|o*noble.hThis is the interface between the Noble toolkit and what consumes the Noble Toolkit
|o*parse.cThis parses ApeScript and produces the ApeScript byte-code