Noble Ape
The Central Directories of the Noble Ape Simulation.
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entity Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for /Users/barbalet/Cloud Drive/Documents/NobleApe/github/nobleape/sim/entity/:


file  being.c [code]
 Historically this represented the Noble Ape but moreso now it represents the Noble Ape's interface to something external. being.c also now connects to the social, brain, body and metabolim simulations through to external simulations.
file  body.c [code]
file  brain.c [code]
file  drives.c [code]
 Functions related to biological drives.
file  entity.h [code]
file  entity_internal.h [code]
file  episodic.c [code]
 This handles episodic memory.
file  food.c [code]
 Functions related to eating.
file  social.c [code]
 This handles social interactions and management of the social graph.
file  speak.c [code]