Feb 202013

Reflecting on the initial insights Apple provided circa 2003 has left me with some interesting conclusions. One of the main points was smarter dividing of non-effect felt loops over multiple processors.

By breaking up the loops in Noble Ape for exactly this purpose there may be additional insights in optimization. It is not a one-size fits all solution. But it seems to be a three sizes fits most solution. Ultimately the mathematics should be atomized sufficiently that you can send a cloud of processing atoms out to n-processors and collect the results.

Doing profiling on the current simulation about 70% of the current processing can be attacked in this fashion. There is a benefit that the mathematically intensive sections are also relatively easy to atomize and divide amongst processors.

The one caveat to this work relates to maintaining back compatibility.

I have been following an issue for older Macs with only dual processors running Noble Ape associated with the possibility of closing the hybrid command-line GUI version through either the command line or the Quit menu item. In some circumstances there can be a thread lock as the desired processors needs to be at least three to solve one of the concluding conditions. Back compatibility can be boring when you want to implement new and interesting features and interfaces. Thankfully this particular issue is the difference between an instantaneous quit and a three second quit rather than a crash or any further delay but it is unpleasant.

Anyway, I am mindful of such things.

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