Feb 022013

One of my most free-time consuming tasks currently is editing audio podcasts. Aside from my artificial life podcasts, I have a 4-5 hour-per-show podcast (Model Rail Radio). I currently have about ten hours of audio to edit. This typically takes about 150-200% the audio length to edit.

A lot of these processes could be automated. With the addition of Noble Ape speech out, the utility for handling (producing and analyzing) audio is now part of the Simulation.

Could there be a more productive use of the Simulation than to free a good portion of my time with Noble Ape automating a good part of this audio editing process? For now, I have created a github repo for this:


Stay tuned for more additions here shortly and also more additions to the Noble Ape Toolkit pushing the audio handling from the Simulation back into the Toolkit.

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