Jan 012013

Doing the annual update of the copyright last night to welcome the new year, it occurred to me there’s quite a bit of unused or unneeded source in the main tree. There was an early philosophy with the development of Noble Ape – reuse or remove.

There is a need for both of these with the current source code. With Bob Mottram’s substantial submissions to the Noble Ape source code base slowing down over the past few months, I have made periodic updates to simplify some of the source. This has been a piecemeal effort to-date.

One of the methods I’ve wanted to try is a source code book of all the used source code. Actually running your eyes down source code in a linear form sometimes draws your eye to source that normally isn’t considered in general source code browsing. I will use Lulu for the book printing and review with a pen-in-hand for changes to be implemented in the source.

If you are interested in reading about any Noble Ape related topics through this blog, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Happy New Year!

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