Sep 172012

I am working through adding audio to the simulation. In particular giving the Noble Apes both voices and an intelligible language. This may produces some interest results. Current the language is very simple with four vowels and four consonants. I’m keeping it simple mainly through their mouth and throat simplicity. There is plenty of primate language work to base the voices on and the ability to add genetic uniqueness and regional dialects is also proving interesting.

Stay tuned for southern and northern Noble Apes?

As the voices are ultimately about functional frequency manipulation there is a great potential for song. As the Noble Apes communicate currently, it can be approximated as two voices speaking over each other in rapid and refining succession. It does lend itself to a fierce round-like song pattern.

There has been a legacy interest of linguists through parts of the simulation. The ability for evolving language components to Noble Ape will no-doubt bring that interest in a focused form.

Initially the spoken audio will be produced as AIFF files. I’m hoping to get realtime stereo audio for Mac at least initially. At the same time, I’ll bring the command line/GUI functionality to Linux in this version.

With the permutations of names and the potential to package the AIFFs to iTunes, there may be an army of Noble Ape Idol tracks flooding the market shortly.

Watch out UK, Christmas #1 potential. Seriously.

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